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Во ВШЕКе состоялся цикл лекций PhD Хельсинского университета Хели Рейманн

Lecture I 10.11 
Analyzing culture
Topics discussed: definitions of culture, cultural nationalism, multiculturalism, cultural relativism, New Cultural History, cultural practice, socio-cultural-individual field, jazz culture, close reading
Text: Reimann, Heli. 2017. Four spaces four meanings: Narrating jazz in late-Stalinist Estonia. In Jazz and Totalitarianism, ed. Bruce Johnson, pp. 69-93. London: Routledge. 

Lecture II  17.11 
Culture of music festivals
Topics discussed: (music) festival studies, event, mnemohistory, New Materialism, collective memory, jazz festival Tallinn 1967 

Lecture III 24.11  
Analyzing Hip-hop culture. The example of Post-Soviet Estonia.
Topics discussed: indigenization, hip-hop culture, nationalizing rap and rap and alcohol consumption
Text: Vallaste, Triin. 2014. Making Hip-Hop, Making Post-Soviet Estonia.
Popular music and patriotism. The example of Estonian Singing Revolution
Text: Maimets, Kaire (2016). Estonian 'Singing Revolution': musematic insights into culture and society. In: Ana Živčić (Ed.). Music Identities in European Perspective (30). Peter Lang Publishers

Bio: Heli Reimann gained her PhD in 2015, in the Department of Musicology, University of Helsinki. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Sibelius Academy, University of Arts, Helsinki and Tallinn University. Reimann’s research activities lie in the interstices between jazz studies, cultural studies, Soviet studies, Estonian cultural history, musicology, audio-visual culture, historiography and popular music studies. She has published numerous articles in academic journals and books including Popular Music, Jazz Research Journal, Jazz and totalitarianism. Her current projects include a monograph on jazz festival Tallinn 67. 

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